Monday, May 14, 2007


From the Latin bene (well) and dicere (to speak). The Latin verb benedicere means "to bless." Some chief definitions of the English noun "benediction": (1) a blessing; (2) an invocation (calling down) of divine blessing, especially at the end of a religious service; (3) blessedness.


jes said...


I love your blog! And, I'm wondering the difference between a benediction and the Old Testament concept of 'shalom'. It seems to me that if a benediction is a blessing, saying 'shalom' to someone is wishing/praying they will find God's great peace and wellbeing...
What do you think?

Robert V. Rakestraw said...


You are "spot on." I had a more elaborate reply, including some thoughts on John 20:19-23, but I somehow deleted it while trying to post it. No energy left. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dad!

Your blog looks great! I'm happy I got to write in this.
I'll write soon.
Love, Joni

Robert V. Rakestraw said...
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Anonymous said...

LAV said

You are a blessing and a benediction to me, as your friendship has gladdened my life and brought me closer to God!

May this blog gladden your heart!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Bob!
I'm so glad you got it started.
That way your thoughts and words can bless others as much as they bless me. Bless you as you integrate your faith and thoughts and put them into language for us -- Peace,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dad!

I believe more and more as I get older that a blessing can change someone's life for the better. Mom has helped me to see this, as has the book The Blessing. I bless my children and my husband every day (many times a day) and I bless you and Mom and Laurie and her family.
In whatever way or ways God knows we all need to be blessed the most, I pray and expect that He will accomplish this in His way, as He makes all things beautiful in their time.
I love you so much Dad. Happy early Father's Day!

Pete Lee said...

I am not surprised that you continue to be a "blessing of fresh air" to me, Dr. Rakestraw. I thank God that I know you and consider you a very good friend.


Anonymous said...

What greater blessing can we receive than the knowledge that: "Because I live, you also will live." (John 14:19)? If Jesus had not been raised from the dead this saying would have no meaning, but He did (and was seen by over 500 people!)
We appreciate the way you and Judy blessed us while we were living in MN Bob, and now you continue to bless us.

Anonymous said...

Bob, you are a blessing to Nancy and me. We pray for you and Judy
Dave K

Anonymous said...


I am a former classmate of your daughter Joni. We were on the same floor together at Bethel freshmen year.

I last talked to her a few years ago but the phone number I had for her is now out of service.

I would love to hear from her if she by chance runs across this or if you could pass on this information to her.

My name when I was at Bethel was Kris Jones and if Joni likes she can email me at medelle at

Thank you so much!