Friday, July 6, 2007

Introducing the blog manager

Perhaps I should introduce myself, after writing that last post. I am the blog manager of this site. Feel free to contact me directly once I install that feature. My handle is espiritu paz and my name is Abigail. I have worked with Bob for quite some years as the faculty administrative assistant, at Bethel Seminary. I first bonded with Bob on Mennonite and pacifism themes during a time when he was sort of my boss, while I was his student. I did an independent study with him and he had me do some presentations on pacifism in his ethics courses. Over the years, Bob and Judy have sort of adopted me and I have adopted them in return, as it has become a mutually edifying relationship. I’ve stayed on as Bob’s ad hoc assistant, even though he has retired from teaching, making it possible for him to continue to have a platform from which he can be creative. This blog is one of those venues. So I will occasionally post on this blog in contribution toward and along-side the works and interests of Bob. I do have my own blog at


Anonymous said...

Dear readers,

I'm glad Abigail introduced herself. She is a faithful friend and servant to us. She will be glad to answer any questions you may have about this blog, and I will try to keep you informed about my health, since I know so many of you are faithful prayer partners.
I will need to have some major blood testing on Monday, July 9, because of some problems I am having.
It is strange, being under hospice care because of a terminal illness, yet from time to time having medical tests done. Also,I can't help wondering what the actual process of dying will be like, and how soon it will begin. I am having some difficulties with life lately, and really value your prayers.

Bob Rakestraw

Anonymous said...


I'm just back from a very wonderful vacation with Duane. We were on the North Shore, in a cabin right next to the lake. Sitting there, seeing the sun rise over the water, you couldn't help but have songs and Psalms come to mind praising God for His incredible creation.

Back at work today, I'm still filling that wonderful fulness of God's presence with me today, and praying that today's testing will bring good news.

In my devotions today, I came across the following, and thought you might enjoy the sentiments:

Lord, Our days are long …. You said when we are weary we can come to you and you will give us rest. So we come to you now and ask you to… renew our spirits, restore our strength, and refresh our hearts. Thank you for being the source of all we need, to do everything You have called us to do. Wherever we go, and whatever we face today, may we live in Your presence because that is the only place we can truly be rejuvenated. Amen. (Holly Gerth)

May God's peace and fulness be with you this day,

Glo Metz