Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Note Concerning Blog Subscription

Some of you may be reading my articles in a format other than the blog. (For example, a friend may have handed you my recent piece on needing glasses.) If you are, and you wish to subscribe to my blog, you may do so at http://bobrakestraw.blogspot.com. It's free. There is a way to register so that you will be notified by e-mail every time I post a new article. You won't need to keep checking the blog to see if I've updated it. In addition to registration information, you will find archives containing past articles of mine about my medical condition and thoughts pertaining to it. You will also find comments from other bloggers and occasional remarks I've made in reply.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,
I do identify with the dilemma you recently raised. Even though I am not on hospice, I do have a pretty grim diagnosis, with a medically unexplained reason why I am still here. I thought of the same things a few months ago when faced with the decision about a crown for my tooth. The question that arose was whether or not I would get enough use out of the crown! Well, I went ahead with the crown, and I hope you will get your glasses. "Our times are in His hands." Blessings on you and Judy.

Anonymous said...