Friday, August 24, 2007

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At the bottom of the website--just above the painting of St. Francis. There is an active link that says "Posts(Atom)." A new screen will pop up that says, "Subscribe to this feed using________." You will be given some options.

1. Live bookmarks. This will become an active link in the toolbar of your Internet Explorer or Firefox (whatever you use to browse the internet). Because it is in your toolbar, you can pull it down and see if Bob or I have posted a new entry. I recommend this one for blog reader beginners. It is the least complicated.

2. You can select Yahoo. This will put an active link on your Yahoo's reader page. You will need to register an account with Yahoo if you haven't already.

3. Google. Is another venue you can select to easily read various blogs through a live link. A live link works exactly like the links you can select on your MSN news page or your CNN news page.

If you don't have Yahoo or Google reader pages or if you do not read any other blogs, the active toolbar link (1.) is your best option.


Tim Callaway said...

Hey Bob - I'm saddened to hear of the rapid decline in your health. Thx for the positive update in the "new glasses" piece.

Glad I found your blog so we can stay in touch.

Be assured of my ongoing concern and prayers.

Tim Callaway

Tim Callaway said...

After looking around the blog, I wanted to let you know, Bob, that
I continue to type away on my PhD diss = "Training Disciplined Soldiers for Christ: Prairie Bible Institute's Affinity with American Fundamentalism During the L.E. Maxwell Era (1922-1980)."

Among several notes of thanks that will appear therein will be: "I am grateful for the influence of Robert V. Rakestraw who, during my first year in PBI's Bible School division, opened my eyes to the vast and fascinating world of theological scholarship. His encouragement and example have been a significant motivation in my life."

Tim Callaway

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